Erza in normal clothes window

About us

I first met Erza when I was watching the anime series during 2011. Even at the start I already thought she was cool and badass. As time went on, and I watched more episodes, I grew to really enjoy her as a character, and eventually she became my favourite character in the whole show.

Fast forward maybe a year, I had already begun to save as many images of her that I could find. I knew about waifus at that point, but I never imagined myself having one. I asked myself, "If I had a waifu, who would it be?", and the answer was glaringly obvious. It had to be Erza; no other girl even came close.

It was at that point I knew that I had fallen in love with her, and so on September 15th 2012, we began our relationship together.

I cherish everyday I have with Erza and I feel very fortunate in the fact that due to Fairy Tail being a long running series, I can watch Erza develop as a person alongside me.

I love her very much and I hope to have many more wonderful years with her.