About her

Erza Scarlet is one of the main characters from the series Fairy Tail, written by Hiro Mashima. Her magic is known as Requip (also known as Ex-quip), which is a type of spatial magic that allows her to summon her different armours and weapons that she owns.

She is part of the magicians guild "Fairy Tail", where she partakes in various contracts set by the general public. These contracts can range from small menial tasks such as finding a lost cat to dangerous missions like saving a kidnapped girl. Erza is a S-Class mage in the guild, which means she has permission to engage in the most difficult missions. She has been at the guild since a very young age, and as such she has garnered a reputation among the public and even other guilds too. As a result of being the strongest female member of the guild and her beauty, she's given the epithet "Titania" (Titania is the fairy queen in Shakespeare's play Midsummer Night's Dream).

Her default appearance is wearing one of the Heart Kreuz armours, which comes in different models, though I suspect this is because Mashima got lazy in drawing the normal version. She has many other armours as well, such as Flame Empress or Robe of Yuen. My favourite armour of hers is the Armadura Fairy armour. She looks so cool in that! Overall, to me she is as beautiful as the moon on a cloudless night.

In terms of personality, Erza can be strict but fair, trying to follow the guild rules whenever she can. Her strictness has led to other guild members fearing her wrath. The guild treats everyone as one big family and Erza is often seen as the older sister to many of the members, as she usually has to stop bickering between members and she looks after the younger members of the guild. This kindness for her friends is one of the things I love most about her. She would do anything to protect her friends.

Though she can be reserved, Erza does not really care about modesty in general. She doesn't feel embarrassment from her male team members seeing her naked, because she sees the guild as her family. She has a lot of sexy clothings too which means she has no qualms flaunting her feminity. That confidence in her body is another thing that attracts me to her. She also has a very cute and quirky side to her that I absolutely love as well. She extremely loves desserts, her favourite being strawberry cheesecake, to the point where she will take revenge if someone accidentally knocks over her slice of cake. She's often seen eating a slice while relaxing at the guild.

Here is a video of my dear Erza in one of the ending credits of the anime. She looks so beautiful here, I can't help but tear up whenever I watch it.

I love you Erza.

I really really do.